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Angle steel structure bleachers we also call “L structure bleachers “,This bleacher system is engineered for safety, easy assemble, and durability. The hot galvanized framework is combined with anodized aluminum seat planks and mill-finished foot planks. Meets the rigors of daily use, both indoors or outdoors, with little or no maintenance for years to come.
The medium and small size structure bleachers are widely used in high schools, universities and other professional facilities. They use the high quality light steel material and innovative designs. Our bleachers exemplify the many features sought by quality and safety conscious owners.


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Angle Steel Structure Bleachers

The overall structure of the angle steel structure bleachers is modularly designed. It is composed of the bottom steel structure support system, pedal system, seat system, safety protection system and other structures. All components are standard parts, which are easy to store, transport and assemble.
The angle steel structure bleachers is a green and environmentally friendly stand system. All components are made of environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials, which can be completely recycled and reused; and all construction is dry, so there will be no large noise and dust on the construction site.
All metal components of the angle steel structure bleachers are surface-treated and have strong corrosion resistance, which can be used indoors and outdoors, and is suitable for any harsh use environment.
The metal stand of angle steel structure has undergone strict and precise calculation and testing. When the stand has dynamic load or uneven load, it has strong anti-swing load capacity, which ensures the stability and safety of the stand.

Structure overview

Structural composition: It is composed of bottom steel structure support system, pedal system, seat system, safety protection system and other structures.
Bottom steel structure support system:
It is welded with angle steel of 50*50*5mm and 40*40*5mm; M10 high-strength bolts are used to connect the bracket and the bracket;

Angle Structure Bleachers Z42
Angle Structure Bleachers Z39

 Pedal system

Use aluminum alloy pedals, the material is aluminum alloy 6063-T6, and the surface is anodized; the specifications of the aluminum pedals are 240*38mm and 120*38mm, and the pedal surface has anti-slip texture, which has anti-slip and drainage functions.
Use 18mm waterproof board, with waterproof layer on the surface, and the bottom is designed as a frame structure welded with 50*50*3mm square steel and 50*50*5mm angle iron, as a support, the structure is stable and used in indoor environment .

Safety protection system

The safety protection system includes rear guardrail and side guardrail, and the height of the guardrail is not less than 1100mm, which fully guarantees the safety of personnel. The guardrails are all steel grid guardrails with a grid spacing of 110mm, which can effectively prevent climbing and avoid accidents. The material of the guardrail is rectangular tube 40*40*3mm, rectangular tube 40*20*2mm, connected by M10 high-strength bolts, the corners are butted by angle steel 50*50*5mm, the grid spacing is 200mm-240mm, the structure is stable, and the material is small. Simple guardrail, can save cost.

Angle Structure Bleachers Z59
Angle Structure Bleachers Z54

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