Indoor Retractable Bleachers With Front-folding Seat YY-ZT-P

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Retractable Bleachers System (Telescopic Bleachers)
Gym, Event Centers and Auditoriums are often used as multi-purpose venues, and require flexible, multiple seating.

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Product Name: Front-folding plastic seat

Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P

Specification: 435W * 552D * 480H

Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P

Parts and Product features

Seat material introduction: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as the raw material, and hollow blow molding is integrally formed. This material has good waterproof and impact resistance, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and good weather resistance (resistant Heat and cold resistance), the seat color uses professional coloring master batch, which can ensure the color lasting and beautiful, the seat color can be customized according to customer requirements, and personalized color schemes can be designed for different venue characteristics.

Seat installation beam: The beam material is made of 60*40*3 high-quality square steel. The tube cutting, shaping and drilling are all automatically performed by the fiber laser tube cutting machine, with high precision and excellent processing performance. The surface of the beam is electrostatically sprayed. The thickness of the powder is 60-80um measured according to the standard GB/T 1764 "Method for Measuring the Thickness of Paint Film". The surface of the coating is smooth, without blistering, pinholes, cracks, burrs and scratches.

Seat Folding Bracket: Using 3mm thick hot-rolled sheet as raw material, this hot-rolled sheet has good toughness and ductility. It is cut by laser, bent and welded to shape (high dimensional accuracy), and then polished after molding. , After sandblasting and rust removal, the surface is sprayed with powder (the thickness of powder spraying is required to be no less than 80μm), and the finished product has a simple and beautiful appearance.

Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P (1)
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P (3)
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P (2)
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P (4)
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P a
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P b
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P c
Front-folding plastic seat YY-ZT-P g


What are the specific contents of the instructions for use of your products?
1. Precautions
2. Performance parameters of fully automatic mobile grandstand
3. The grandstand shall be managed by special personnel
4. Extended operation of mobile grandstand
5. Seat lifting operation
6. Mobile stand shrinkage operation
7. Remote control operation of mobile grandstand
8. Operation of telescopic stairs in front of the rostrum
9. Maintenance
10. Troubleshooting and emergency measures

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