Indoor Telescopic Bleachers With Hight-backrest YY-SK-P

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Yourease operation was stable and reliable, low noise, work closely every part that in order to improve the stability of the system, make the bleachers more quiet, make bleachers bearing capacity more safety, make bleachers usage more convenient.

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Product Name: High-backrest rear-folding seat

High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P

Specification: 450W * 620D * 650H  


Parts and Product features


Imported high-grade velvet fabric, strong penetration, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, and flexible. It has passed the inspection of the National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and reached the relevant national textile standards.


The handrail support is made of high-quality high-strength die-casting aluminum alloy, without solder joints, and the surface is treated by high-temperature electrostatic spraying after degreasing and rust removal. It is beautiful, practical and corrosion-resistant; the handrail cover is made of high-quality solid wood and processed by molds. The appearance of the armrests is consistent.

Seat/back sponge:

The high-density flame-retardant polyurethane foam material imported from Germany's BASF Chemical Company is used, and the high-efficiency flame-retardant elements are added, and the high-quality sponge is integrated by cold-solid foaming. The fire rating can reach the latest national standard B1. When compressed by 70%, after 90,000 tests, the permanent deformation is less than or equal to 3%. The density of back sponge is 50~55Kg/m3. The density of the seat sponge is 55~60Kg/m3.


High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P a
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P b
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P c

Seat/back inner panel: high-quality, high-density hardwood plywood of 15mm thickness is used, and molded by high-temperature and high-pressure molds, with stable shape and good stress.

Restoring mechanism of seat bag: adopts gravity automatic return system, accurate positioning, and low noise in response. Practical and reliable, it can greatly increase the service life of the seat.

Cross beam and turning mechanism: The beam is made of high-quality carbon cold-rolled steel by die stamping, welding, polishing, degreasing and derusting, and electrostatic spraying. It is durable, rust and corrosion resistant; the rear turning mechanism parts are under laser The main material is

Q235, which conforms to the GB50017-2003 "Steel Structure Design Specification". It adopts the folding mechanism independently developed by the company and has a patent specification. It can be folded pneumatically. Lock, safe, reliable, and sensitive.

Optional accessories description:A. Seat number plate; B. Row number plate; C. High-quality high-density hardwood outer panel.

High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P b
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P a
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P c

Places of use

stadiums, schools, multi-function halls, etc.

High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-SK-P m
High-backrest rear-folding seat  YY-QY-P P


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