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Retractable seating is rows of tiered platforms that can easily store away when the area is to be used for other purposes. Each platform stored under the one above. Specifically designed folding seats fit to the platform and remain on the platform when stored.

Product name :Retractable bleachers seating 
Seat :HDPE+Sofa
Pakage :Carton
Application:School Theater Sports Venues
Style :Modern
place of product:Guangdong Province ,China
After sales service:5yesrs

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What type of retractable bleachers system is the best?

Considering the area of the retractable bleachers is closed,we provide 3 types of unit for your choice.
Wall Attached
The economical wall attached system is the most typical application of telescopic seating i in which the bleachers open in the forward direction. They may be specified with either manual or power operation. The units mount directly to a wall and/or to the
The most popular retractable bleachers solution, the wall- attached system are supplied in 3- 30 rows, greatly strengthened flexibility and used efficiently, let you easily won best sendspace.
This system utilizes a pocket in the wall to house the bleacher when closed. The endsmay or may not be exposed, and the bleacher is hidden from view typically under abalcony or mezzanine
Recessed bleachers are outfitted with upper and lower tracking guides,removable end rails,and can accommodate custom transition
steps to the balcony when required.
Portable Units
Portable seating units may be moved from location to location on the same floor level. These are independent, self-supporting
units that do not require anchorage to either wall or floor. they provide the ultimate in flexibility along with easy manual operation. When the units are open or closed, back panels provide a flat wall surface and discourage access to the understructure.

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