About Retractable Bleachers

Gym,event centers and auditoriums are often used as multi-purpose venues, and require flexible, multiple seating.

So it comes retractable bleachers system, which can maximize space utilization, and can be opened and closed freely and flexibly by remote control or manually.

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The retractable bleachers consists of seats, pedals, stair lifters and retractable top bracket etc.. At the same time, the system has a variety of different row spacing and step height to meet the requirement of space and sight. Its expansion mode is divided into manual, semi-automatic and electric operation. Because of its flexibility, it has many different collection methods, including wall type, freestanding, mobile, wall type and reverse type.


The main point of the retractable bleachers lies in its high flexibility, high security and high value. The innovative multi-function conversion concept can meet the installation needs of different venues, open up the way for more challenging public places, make limited space unlimited application, and bring new concept of venue seating.

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How it works:

each unit of the retractable bleachers is a cantilever frame. Each support unit on the same step paper is composed of columns and supports of the same height. The height of the column of different order changes with the change of a certain modulus, thus forming the stepped support with a certain height difference.


One row of seats is placed on top of each step, and they are placed in front or back of each step. Each rack unit is equipped with an independent power system. The power system expands and contracts the entire rack unit through the first stage ( the lowest stage). The flipping of the seat is completed by the flipping mechanism above the seat through pedal, manual, electric and other actions.

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For example, Yourease operation system, it is stable and reliable, low noise, work closely every part that in order to improve the stability of the system, make the bleachers more quiet, make bleachers bearing capacity more safety, make bleachers usage more convenient.

Post time: Jun-15-2022