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Welcome to join us ,Let ‘s together forever

Our company Shenzhen Yourease Sports Equipment Company, which is always love to care about employees happy work and team working. Therefore, we have yearly team building. Through a series of team construction activities, the team members will strive for the trust of the team and others, cultivate the spirit of teamwork, and release the pressure, so as to make the team members have a more positive attitude to face life and work.

Even though we still facing the Coronavirus outbreak after 2019, something have been affected, but no change to our friendship as we have dream in heart, unity and hoping to make a innovative brand-new future.

What’s the most important is, Shenzhen Yourease Sports Equipment Company thank all the people who help us, trust us, we will continue to do our best, show us best actions to win your continuous support and help.

Here we go, Shenzhen Yourease Sports Equipment Company travel activities before the spring festival -Qingyuan travel for three days

As you saw, with the purpose of let staff play happily, people who attended activity not only just our staff but also staff’s kids. In our working lives, we are not just a professional work team ,what’s more , we are a big family. Welcome you to join us .


Funny photos display


Workmates challenge mountain car


playing cableway with children


Doing health feet


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We are family

A failed team has no winners. A successful team accomplishes everyone, condenses the team, focuses on goals, let’s create infinite possibilities for dreams.
2021 is coming to an end, but our friendship will never end,together forever.
2022 spring festival coming soon, all staffs from Shenzhen Yourease Sports Equipment Company staffs wish you have Happy Spring festival .

Post time: Mar-07-2022