Classification and characteristics of common stadium seatings

Stadium seats should provide as high visual quality seating as possible for spectators, VIPs and journalists, so today we will look at several types of seats commonly used in centralized stadiums.



A. Injection molding bleachers

Using imported polyethylene and hollow blow molding process, with its advantage of pretty appearance, smooth lines, durable, strong weather resistance, easy to clean, widely used. It can be simple and quick installation on a general basis; the fasteners are durable and suitable for everyday seating in stadiums.

Features: modern design, fine technology, long service life, impact resistance. 

Excellent material: injection chair made of imported high polyethylene, international industry standard special plastic, pigment, ultraviolet absorbent, antioxidant can wear and fade.

Excellent strength: in line with international standards, mechanical properties beyond national standards.

Excellent performance: made of high strength moisture-proof polyethylene and special self-extinguishing resin by injection molding, through high temperature resistance and artificial accelerated aging test, long service life.



B. Movable grandstand seating

The introduction of foreign advanced technology, design and development of movable grandstand seating, reasonable structure, reliable strength, portable stretching, relying on gravity eccentric automatic locking positioning, is convenient and reliable collection.

Simple structure, made of aluminum alloy material, with light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, high stiffness, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and other characteristics, long service life, not afraid of moisture, smooth surface, easy to clean, pollution-free.

In line with today’s green environmental protection requirements, modular design, easy installation and maintenance, grandstand chairs have high back, low back and flat three options, to meet the needs of various occasions. 

Mobility: all components can be combined, ladder structure, parts with rubber sleeve pulley fixed.

Cover a small area: when the stands are not in use, due to the light weight, the steps are easily rotated from the lateral position to the vertical position. 

Modular: mobile grandstand seatings can be assembled and disassembled at will to meet the needs of various venues, and other functional components can be added.



C. Quick assemble of grandstand seatings

Quick assemble seats are a new type of temporary seating system that can be assembled at will. The scaffold unit adopts the scaffold structure of chrysanthemum button, and the self-developed scaffold structure is combined on the mature scaffold structure of type 48 chrysanthemum button, which is combined into a multi-module temporary seatings according to the requirements.

The specifications are 370mm (height) and 750mm (depth). It can be matched with injection molding grandstand seatings, easy to install.

Adopts welded integral module type, layer frame can be used by exchange, high quality carbon anti-slip pattern rigid pedal, each square can bear 350kg, the highest level of the temporary stand can reach 30 floors and is 11 meters high. All metal parts are galvanized and rust resistant.

 Features: less structure, convenient construction and disassemble, the basic structure and spacial components are standard modular;

The weight of each installed by two workers. The joint structure is reasonable, easy to operate, light and simple, large bearing capacity, high structural strength, overall stability, safe and reliable.

The self-locking mechanism adopts independent wedges. The plug-in has self-locking function, which can be locked by pressing the latch or removed. Component series standardization, easy to transport and management.  

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D. Electric bleacher seat

Adopt electric drive mode, manual control device and remote control device when operating.

Back: polyurethane qualitative sponge covered with premium seating fabric, lined with plywood. Shell quality plywood molding.

Fabric: lined with plywood.

The bottom structure adopts advanced mechanical support system to fully ensure the static and dynamic load requirements.

The supporting foot adopts mechanical synchronous feedback device and other similar devices to ensure the synchronous expansion of the stand and avoid the deviation of the movable stand.

The materials and materials of the grandstand structure are treated with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and rust-proof surfaces.

The grandstand is beautiful in appearance and has anti-skid measures to prevent spectators from slipping on it.

The stand chair flip type adopts manual or electric, the spring plate pressure deviation axial rebound, reset accurately, low noise.

There are protective measures on both sides of the seating, and the seatings automatically recover, with an angle of 20% when retracted.

Handrails, high quality ABS material, fall down at the same time with the seat and backrest, more durable, specially designed platform nylon cotton, protect the wood or synthetic floor surface.


Post time: Aug-05-2022