Design of podium and referee’s bench for stadium seating

The podium seats are located in the best visual quality of the entire auditorium. The podium, the VIP lounge and the competition venue should have direct passages. The number of podium seats is mainly determined according to the needs of the venue. Generally, it is 0.5-1% of the number of audiences. The plane form of the podium is with and without sub-stage. There are two types of seats on the rostrum, one is a non-fixed seat with a tea table, and the other is a seat without a tea table.

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The referee seat is located opposite the podium. The roommate referee table and necessary seats are generally arranged slightly higher than the ground so as not to be connected with the venue. The length should also be smaller than the podium. The main tasks are: timing and scoring, the equipment and requirements of various tubes are different, so the layout of the referee table will also change accordingly.

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Post time: Jun-29-2022