Do you know how to install fixed stand seats?

With the continuous upgrading and development of the stadium construction, the fixed stadium seats have become an indispensable part of the stadium construction.

In the construction of the stadium, the installation methods of fixed stand seats are generally divided into three categories: flat installation, side installation and vertical installation:


In meet the conditions of plain packaging (step height 330mm-370mm), can choose the way of plain packaging.


The choice of side installation and vertical installation, the following points for your reference:

Question 1: I do not know how to choose vertical seat and side seat?



Solution: When the seat meets the conditions of side mounted seat (step height 350-550mm), the side mounted seat is preferred;

Back row without side mounted surface and step height is too low, too high, choose vertical.


Question 2: Basic requirements for side mounted seats and upright mounted seats:

The thickness of cement step side is greater than 100mm


Solution: The thickness of cement layer on the fixed surface of side seat and vertical seat is greater than 100mm, the thickness of sand layer is less than 10mm, and the horizontal and vertical Angle is less than 2 degrees.


Post time: Oct-25-2022