Fire Hazards in Sports Venues

The characteristics of the gymnasium: high ceiling, large span, many electrical lines, high lighting power, and various decorations.
According to the fires that have occurred in the stadiums, the manifestations of their fire hazards are different, but the root cause of the fires can be mainly attributed to the fire hazards of the stadiums.
It concludes with the following points:
1. The building space is large, the people are dense, the fire tomb is delayed, and the evacuation is difficult: the gymnasium is a typical public gathering place.
A large amount of circulating air has natural combustion conditions and also constitutes the fire curtain extension conditions. Its biggest feature is its strong social nature and high concentration of personnel. Density by STEM staff
Large, it takes a long time to evacuate. In the event of a fire, people are prone to panic and crowd each other, resulting in blockage of exits, crushing and trampling injuries.
2. Diversified functions and forms, many combustibles, and large fire loads: In addition to large-scale gymnastics, various ball games and other sports competitions, the gymnasium is also used to hold important gatherings.
It has become a place for sports, entertainment and social activities with a wide range of uses and a large audience. There are many combustible materials in gym building, especially
In order to pursue luxury, high-grade and good sound effects, some high-end gymnasiums use a lot of combustible materials such as wood and plastic fibers for decoration, which are very easy to burn violently when encountering fire sources.
Burn and quickly Ge Yan.
3. There are many electrical appliances, various fire hazards, and many disaster-causing factors: there are many electrical appliances and ignition sources in the gymnasium, and the desk lights, sky lights, scenery lights, and ceiling lights used in the process of theatrical performances
There are several types of chasing lights, with a large number and high power. If used improperly, it is easy to cause local overload or short circuit of the line and cause fire. In December 2010, Hangzhou Huanglong Gymnasium was held because of
Electrical wiring caused a fire.
4. There are many new materials and high smoke toxicity: The newly built gymnasiums in recent years have highlighted the “big, new, strange and special”.
The occurrence of air pollution is bound to be accompanied by the generation of a large amount of toxic and harmful flue gas, and due to the difference in dry combustible substances, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, sulfur
Oxygen, ammonia oxide and other toxic gases with complex composition. In addition, most of the structures are steel structures, which have poor fire resistance and are prone to collapse in the event of a fire, causing extensive injuries.
5. The space is tall, and conventional fire detectors and fire extinguishing equipment cannot function effectively: large gymnasiums have a large space, and conventional fire detectors and automatic fire extinguishing equipment have high distances,
It is difficult to accurately identify the fire and issue a fire warning, and it is difficult to achieve the function of safety warning and automatic fire extinguishing.

Post time: Aug-12-2022