Freeze Frame 2020/Yourease meets you at Guangzhou CIFF July 28-31th 2021

Wonderful review

The 47th China(Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair ,Which lasted for four days,came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Center.

Shenzhen yourease Sports Equipment company-venue stand seat manufacturer
Our company is a professional stadium stand seat manufacture the provides seating solution for stadiums,performing arts, convention and event centers in china. We have been focusing on the design and manufacture of stadium bleachers.

Main products

1.Fixed stadium seating  2.Telescopic seating 
3.Aluminum bleachers    4.Steel structure bleachers

During the exhibition, it won the favor of many exhibitors, especially the telescopic bleachers(retractable bleachers ) system, which was recognized and praised by the exhibitors.


Telescopic bleachers (retractable bleachers)


Sales team

Fixed bleachers seating


Some customers come to discuss with the project plan specially

At the exhibition site ,We provide one-to-one service, only for each exhibitor to get a good exhibition experience and a better understanding of modern telescopic bleachers seats.

The telescopic bleachers solutions of different types of seats displayed by Shenzhen Yourease Sports have won great praise and received the attention and recognition of many exhibitors.

Meanwhile, Let’s us to keeping review together for the 48th China(Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair;
As yo know ,our the 47th China(Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair’s display sample chair color is blue;
For this one,48th China(Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair,Our display sample chair is mainly in red;
So we can also supports custom colors.

If you have any project need,you can though below email to contact us,we can support custom bleachers system size,Seat color.

Welcome to contact us (

More details about us ,please reference below website


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What’s more ,March 18-21th 2022.
The 49th China International Furniture Fair will be held in Guangzhou.
Welcome to Shenzhen Yourease Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd ‘s exhibitions.

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