Modern stadium bleachers seats


微信图片_20211223115655Yourease Stadium seat products for a variety of venues to provide a variety of options space, in the modern manufacturing technology and mature development, design environment, Yourease stadium seat will make your venue into a unique professional appreciation space. Each series of seats are certified by the authority to meet the national and national standards, the physical and chemical performance is superior, meet the ergonomic, excellent sitting feeling. It is widely used in various international large-scale events, sports industry support, small and medium-sized schools, theaters and other diversified venues.


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photobank (3)Stadium seat advantage

Series of seats: The whole series of seats have the same style, while taking into account the seating needs of different seats, to ensure the same style of venue space, give the audience a strong visual impact, and increase the experience of watching the game.

Excellent weather resistance: The seat is made of internationally renowned master raw materials to ensure that the seat has high oxidation resistance and aging resistance. The metal materials are made of leading anti-corrosion technology and high-quality anti-corrosion materials to delay corrosion and extend the service life.

Good environmental performance: All raw materials are environmental protection materials, heavy metal and other harmful substances content is far below the standard requirements, so that the audience at ease to use.

Excellent safety performance: Altra-high bearing strength and superior flame retardant performance to maximize the safety of the audience.

Ergonomic design: The chair face is close to the curve of the human body, good wrapping, not tired after sitting for a long time.

High performance optional design: Optional accessories such as advertising space, cup holder, armrest and writing board can be configured to meet the needs of different functional levels of the venue.


Venue seat reference standard:

QB/T2601-2013 “Public Seats in Stadiums and gymnasiums”, EN13200-4:2006 “Spectator facilities, seats, Product Characteristics”, EN12727-2016 “Furniture – seating – Test methods for strength and Durability”

Venue seat color reference:

It provides 12 standard colors for customers to choose from, and can also be customized according to PANTON color card, which can fully meet the needs of the project color scheme.


Post time: Sep-19-2022