Talk about the situation of the sports industry affected by the epidemic

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Since the outbreak of the 19-new crown pneumonia epidemic, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has still repeatedly affected our life and work, and it is no exception to our sports industry. The development of related industries has brought a certain negative impact.

However, in the face of this epidemic crisis, my country’s sports enterprises have taken active actions, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and resumption of work and production on the other, and have achieved certain results.

In the impact of the epidemic, Yourease’s every employee sticks to their posts, insists on fighting against the new crown virus, and does not chaotic in the face of danger, and does not forget the spirit of moving their computers back to work from home when they stop work and production.

1. Foreign projects (mainly for online service promotion): We will use promotion as the main channel online. The main promotion channels are: Alibaba International Station; Google promotion; Official website promotion:; customers can have a further understanding of us by browsing the website. If you want to know more about the product details, you can leave your demand information on the webpage and contact us, we will receive the information We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will give you the best solution.

2. Domestic projects (mainly for online and offline service promotion): We have a professional bidding website online, and each of our provinces has a professional business manager to provide “one-to-one” service; domestic official website is also one of our promotion channels, customers can have a general understanding of our products at a glance through the website; offline, our regional managers will also visit the project site for a detailed understanding, so that they can communicate with customers face-to-face, Learn more about site conditions and customer needs.

Whether it is a foreign project or a domestic project, online service or offline service, for a professional stadium seat manufacturer, every work link of docking with project customers is very important, starting from the initial inquiry-selection Model-plan order-follow up service, Yourease will conscientiously do a good job in every link from beginning to end.

For a newly built stadium, the style selection of the grandstand seats is very important, followed by the color matching design.

Selection and color matching are very important for a stadium. Yourease has very professional experience in this area, and actively cooperates with customers to select suitable style seats and make color matching design plans according to customers’ requirements.
Under the influence of the epidemic, Yourease has also completed many projects one after another. Please enjoy it (a case of a domestic project).












Post time: May-17-2022