Outdoor/Indoor Bucket Seats For Stadium YY-MT-P

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Our fixed bleachers seating can be installed on the concerte step directly, there are three different installation methods, first  for sureface installation ,second for side installation ,third for vertical installation our stadium seating material for HDPE/PP ,the processing technic for blow molding which lone use time ,low maintenance and  a great visitor experience.


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Product Name: Plastic folding chair

Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-MT-P
Fixed Bleachers Seating

Specification: seat height 440 mm, seat width 425 mm, seat depth 470 mm

Figure 1

Figure 1: side view 2: face view

Figure 3

Figure 3: side view 4: face view


Figure 5

Figure 5: side view 6: face view


Mode:lie flat, wall mounted  and floor mounted

Applicable products: steel structure stands, fixed stands.

Material and Material description

seat using high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, hollow blow molding; seat color selected professional coloring masterbatch.

Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-MT-P a
Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-MT-P b
Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-MT-P

Material characteristics

1.Polyethylene (HDPE) is imported raw plastic from Saudi Arabia BN; Model 5502

2.Anti-aging agent is a special outdoor anti-aging agent imported from Switzerland;

3.The use of high quality color mother coloring can ensure that the product will not fade for many years, durable and non-corrosive raw materials have good waterproof and impact resistance, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and good weathering resistance (heat resistance and cold resistance).

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Places of use

stadiums, schools, multi-function halls, etc.

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