Outdoor/Indoor HDPE Material Folding Chair YY-FKS-P

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Our fixed bleachers seating can be installed on the concerte step directly, there are three different installation methods, first  for sureface installation ,second for side installation ,third for vertical installation our stadium seating material for HDPE/PP ,the processing technic for blow molding which lone use time ,low maintenance and  a great visitor experience.


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Product Name: Plastic folding chair

Plastic folding chair

Specification:height 835 mm, seat width 450 mm, seat depth 600mm,c/c size 500 or 530mm

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Main Materials and Composition

1.Seat material introduction: high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, hollow blow molding, this material has good waterproof and impact resistance, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, Good weather resistance (heat resistance and cold resistance), seat color selection professional coloring masterbatch, can ensure the color lasting beautiful.

2.Seat foot: aluminum alloy profile. The material has the advantages of low density, high strength, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance and easy processing

Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-FKS-P a
Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-FKS-P b

3.Description of optional accessories:

A. number plate, row number plate.

B. fabric: according to their own needs to choose different colors and texture, according to the needs can also do B1 levels of fire prevention treatment;

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