Outdoor/Indoor PP Material Folding Seat YY-ZT-P

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Our fixed bleachers seating can be installed on the concerte step directly, there are three different installation methods, first  for sureface installation ,second for side installation ,third for vertical installation our stadium seating material for HDPE/PP ,the processing technic for blow molding which lone use time ,low maintenance and  a great visitor experience.


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Product Name: Plastic folding chair

Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-ZT-P


Durable Type Fixed Bleachers Seating - YY-ZT-P

Product Appearance

①Seat appearance size according to ergonomics principle design, comfortable seat, compact structure, safe and durable, easy to install, maintenance. The overall shape of the seat is novel and chic, the surface is soft and exquisite and generous.Fine steel double spring turning mechanism, mute folding, strong reliability. Various installation methods can be one of the best choice for indoor and outdoor stadiums.

②Seat Plastic Parts

Backrest and seat plate are designed according to ergonomics principle, which can fit the human body curve to the maximum extent. The material is made of pure PP raw material and nitrogen gas auxiliary molding. The material has good impact resistance, toughness, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, which makes the seat reliable and wear-resistant and comfortable to sit. The flame retardancy reaches B1 grade, through SGS the European fire proof mark, the harmful substance discharges the <E1.

③Mechanical loading:

Seat design force 200 kg/, Static load test according to standard GB/T 10357.3 standard: seat plate 2000 N, Backrest 760 N, 10; Combined durability test: seat plate 950 N, Backrest N,330 200,000; After the test, there is no fracture or fracture of the seat; There is no obvious deformation in the loading part; The structure is not loose. The four-level standard of European mechanics passed the SGS test (the EN 12727:2016 test reached level 4); ANSI/BIFMAX5.4-2012. of Standards for Mechanics

④Left (right) engine

The left and right side of the seat is located on both sides of the seat, is a hardware link seat component, is the test seat plate can force the mechanism, the material uses the high fiber nylon, the strength is higher than the aluminum alloy, and so on partial conventional metal, has the outstanding toughness, the wear resistance, Further increase the seat sense, while ensuring the seat strength

Left (right) engine

⑤Seat metal metal part

Back joint, middle flip mechanism, aluminum alloy material, spring using fine steel material, design as double spring mechanism, ensure springback strength, durability, etc. Aluminum alloy parts adopt casting aluminum technology, surface spray powder, make the surface clean and bright, Comfortable and beautiful, durable.

⑥Stanchion The vertical support is composed of two symmetrical 5 mm thick square cold rolled plates and a 5 mm thick square bottom plate. After cutting the bed, laser cutting makes the corner round and side neat, simple structure, convenient installation and high strength. The stability of the seat system can be guaranteed.


The high strength aluminum alloy is selected by extrusion die, and the internal structure is designed as four triangular structures with mutual force, which makes the aluminum beam uniform, high strength and not easy to deform. High temperature T6 hard treatment, hardness up to 12-15, to ensure the stability of the stand system.



Polyurethane high resilience cutting sponge, seat sponge thickness 2.0 cm, back sponge thickness 1.5 cm, surface palpable material for polyester fibrosis compound added 5% nylon, cloth wear resistance, strong elasticity, sponge and cloth spray plant glue, so that sponge and palpable cloth, cloth surface is not easy to wrinkle, formaldehyde emissions less than E1 grade.


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