stadium chair plastic stadium chair for stadium

Short Description:


Seat material :HDPE

Seat Processing Technic:Blow molding

Installation methods:Simple mount,Wall Mount,Floor Mount

Usge:Outdoor/Indoor  Stadium


Cartefication :CE,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001,SGS,BS




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  1. Seat Size Specification

图片133Figure 1: side view                            2:  face view

图片122Figure 3: side view                            4:  face view


Figure 5: side view                            6:  face view


  1. Mode: lie flat, wall mounted  and floor mounted Applicable products: steel structure stands, fixed stands.

Product material and material description: seat using high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, hollow blow molding; seat color selected professional coloring masterbatch. Material characteristics:

² Polyethylene (HDPE) is imported raw plastic from Saudi Arabia BN; Model 5502

² Anti-aging agent is a special outdoor anti-aging agent imported from Switzerland;

² The use of high quality color mother coloring can ensure that the product will not fade for many years, durable and non-corrosive raw materials have good waterproof and impact resistance, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and good weathering resistance (heat resistance and cold resistance).

Product process and process description: hollow blow molding process, hollow blow molding is the most commonly used plastic processing method in thin shell hollow products, chemical industry and packaging. Hollow blow molding is the extrusion from the extruder, still in the softening state of the tubular thermoplastic blank into the molding mold, and then into the compressed air, the use of air pressure to make the blank along the mold cavity deformation, Thus blowing into a short neck hollow products.

Hollow blow molding has been widely used to produce a variety of thin shell hollow products, chemical and daily packaging containers, as well as children’s toys.Hollow blow molding (also known as blow molding) is a method of blowing and forming hollow products by means of gas pressure. It is the most commonly used plastic processing method and a fast developing plastic forming method. The mould used for blow molding is only negative mould (concave mould). Compared with injection molding, the equipment cost is lower, the adaptability is stronger, the molding performance is good (such as low stress), and the products with complex undulating curve (shape) can be formed.

1) Circular pipe material description: the material is Q235, the material has moderate carbon content, good comprehensive performance, strong strength, plasticity and weldability. Hot dip on the surface can effectively increase the beauty and corrosion resistance of the product.

2) Fastener material description: material for Q235, surface hot dip zinc or powder spray treatment. Can effectively increase the beauty and corrosion resistance of the product

3) Support foot material introduction: material for aluminum alloy profile. The material has the advantages of low density, high strength, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance and easy processing.

4) Application of Blocking Material: Polymers made of vinyl are non-crystalline materials commonly known as PVC. materials The material is non-flammable, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. And PVC have strong resistance to oxidants, reductants and strong acids.



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